Privilege is complex and, at times, can be uncomfortable to discuss. This is because privilege is often invisible, and privilege maintains power, whether or not that is the intention.

Consider the questions in this checklist as a way to see the many forms privilege can take. It's not just about being white, or a man, or absent of a visible disability. There are other more subtle ways privilege can impact your relationship with others in the workplace.

A sample of these questions include:

  • Have you always attended schools or lived in neighborhoods where most people looked like you?

  • Do people regularly mistake your gender or call you by an inaccurate pronoun?

  • Have you been told that you are exceptional given your background?

  • Do you speak with a different accent from the majority of people in your social context or work environment?

You can also use the checklist to reflect on the ways that privilege has an impact on you individually, with your colleagues and team members, and across your organization.

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